Hip Hop Vol 1

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Hip Hop Vol 1 SSM0018

This collection of trendy hip hop tracks feature lots of head-bopping grooves that are perfect for ads, sports, reality TV, or numerous other genres.

Space & Sound Music SSM0018

  • 001Caribbean DreamFull Mix1:51
  • 002Carribean DreamAlt Mix No Drums No Perc1:51
  • 003Caribbean DreamAlt Mix No Lead1:51
  • 004Caribbean DreamAlt Mix Drums And Percussion1:51
  • 005Caribbean DreamAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:51
  • 006Watch MeFull Mix2:34
  • 007Watch MeAlt Mix No Drums2:34
  • 008Watch MeAlt Mix Bass + Drums2:31
  • 009Maybe NotFull Mix1:52
  • 010Maybe NotAlt Mix No Drums1:52
  • 011Maybe NotAlt Mix Drums + Bass1:49
  • 012Miss YouFull Mix2:03
  • 013Miss YouAlt Mix No Lead2:04
  • 014Miss YouAlt Mix No Drums2:03
  • 015Miss YouAlt Mix Bass + Drums1:58
  • 016Remind MeFull Mix2:03
  • 017Remind MeAlt Mix No Drums2:03
  • 018Remind MeAlt Mix Drums + Sfx2:00
  • 019Remind MeAlt Mix Drums + Bass2:00
  • 020Nitty GrittyFull Mix1:19
  • 021Nitty GrittyAlt Mix No Leads1:19
  • 022Nitty GrittyAlt Mix No Drums1:19
  • 023Nitty GrittyAlt Mix Drums + Bass1:19
  • 024Standing Eye To EyeFull Mix1:34
  • 025Standing Eye To EyeAlt Mix Drums + Leads1:34
  • 026Standing Eye To EyeAlt Mix No Drums1:34
  • 027Standing Eye To EyeAlt Mix No Leads1:34
  • 028DrippinFull Mix2:13
  • 029DrippinAlt Mix No Leads2:13
  • 030DrippinAlt Mix No Drums2:13
  • 031DrippinAlt Mix Drums + Lead2:13
  • 032Act CoolFull Mix1:51
  • 033Act CoolAlt Mix No Lead2:45
  • 034Act CoolAlt Mix Drums And Bass2:45




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