Ethnic Percussion

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Ethnic Percussion SSM0017

Active and Adventurous, this collection of rhythmic ethnic beats on traditional ethnic drums provides the perfect vibe for a tribal celebration, animal tracking, or any other jungle related activities.

Space & Sound Music SSM0017

  • 001Deal Me InFull Mix2:09
  • 002Deal Me InAlt Mix Woodblock Tambourine2:09
  • 003Deal Me InAlt Mix Main Pattern2:09
  • 004Deal Me InAlt Mix Bongos Timable Rumba2:09
  • 005Ambient Ethnic DrumsFull Mix1:55
  • 006Erythroxylum CocaFull Mix1:57
  • 007Erythroxylum CocaAlt Mix Maracas And Cowbell1:57
  • 008Erythroxylum CocaAlt Mix Main Pattern1:57
  • 009Erythroxylum CocaAlt Mix Bongos Timbale1:57
  • 010El Producto PerfectoFull Mix1:39
  • 011El Producto PerfectoAlt Mix No Lead Bells1:39
  • 012HopscotchFull Mix1:30
  • 013HopscotchAlt Mix Shakers And High Percussion1:30
  • 014HopscotchAlt Mix Claps And Cracks1:30
  • 015HopscotchAlt Mix Toms And Low End1:30
  • 016HopscotchAlt Mix Beat Fx1:30
  • 017Hopping On CoalsFull Mix1:33
  • 018Hopping On CoalsAlt Mix Main Drums1:33
  • 019Hopping On CoalsAlt Mix Secondary Drums1:33




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