Surf's Up

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Surf's Up SSM0015

Tubular riffs on phasey electric guitar create beach vibes and waves of retro feels. This collection is full of nostalgic tracks that scream out wild and free!

Space & Sound Music SSM0015

  • 001Escaping This Akward SituationFull Mix1:41
  • 002Escaping This Akward SituationAlt Mix No Lead1:41
  • 003Escaping This Akward SituationAlt MixGuitars1:41
  • 004Escaping This Akward SituationAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:41
  • 005Escaping This Akward SituationAlt Mix Drums1:41
  • 006Better Make It Up AgainFull Mix1:55
  • 007Better Make It Up AgainAlt Mix No Lead1:55
  • 008Better Make It Up AgainAlt Mix Guitars1:55
  • 009Better Make It Up AgainAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:55
  • 010Better Make It Up AgainAlt Mix Drums1:55
  • 011Hold Your HorsesAlt Mix Drums And Bass2:12
  • 012Hold Your HorsesAlt Mix Drums2:12
  • 013Hold Your HorsesAlt Mix Full Mix2:12
  • 014Hold Your HorsesAlt Mix Guitars2:12
  • 015Hold Your HorsesAlt Mix No Lead2:12
  • 016This Might Turn A Little CrazyFull Mix1:53
  • 017This Might Turn A Little CrazyAlt Mix No Lead1:53
  • 018This Might Turn A Little CrazyAlt Mix Guitars1:53
  • 019This Might Turn A Little CrazyAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:53
  • 020This Might Turn A Little CrazyAlt Mix Drums1:53
  • 021Take That WaveFull Mix2:06
  • 022Take That WaveNo Lead2:06
  • 023Take That WaveDrums And Bass2:06
  • 024Take That WaveDrums2:06
  • 025Investigating Surf CrimeFull Mix1:38
  • 026Investigating Surf CrimeNo Lead1:38
  • 027Investigating Surf CrimeReduced No Saxes1:38
  • 028Investigating Surf CrimeDrums And Bass1:38
  • 029Investigating Surf CrimeDrums1:38
  • 030Lost WaveFull Mix1:34
  • 031Lost WaveNo Lead1:34
  • 032Lost WaveReduced No Saxes1:34
  • 033Lost WaveDrums And Bass1:34
  • 034Lost WaveDrum1:34




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