Urban Dramedy

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Urban Dramedy SSM0014

A Collection of Hip Hop Beats that create Quirky, Bubbly Dramedy tracks that are great for Reality TV or anything that needs a dose of Fun and Mischief.

Space & Sound Music SSM0014

  • 001Game Of TelephoneFull Mix1:30
  • 002Game Of TelephoneAlt Mix Reduced1:30
  • 003Game Of TelephoneAlt Mix No Hip Hop1:30
  • 004Game Of TelephoneAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:30
  • 005Hatch A Little PlanFull Mix1:32
  • 006Hatch A Little PlanAlt Mix Reduced1:32
  • 007Hatch A Little PlanAlt Mix No Hip Hop1:32
  • 008Hatch A Little PlanAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:32
  • 009Sunny Side UpFull Mix1:18
  • 010Sunny Side UpAlt Mix Reduced1:18
  • 011Sunny Side UpAlt Mix No Hip Hop1:18
  • 012Sunny Side UpAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:18
  • 013The Villain's PlanFull Mix1:28
  • 014The Villain's PlanAlt Mix Reduced1:28
  • 015The Villain's PlanAlt Mix No Hip Hop1:28
  • 016The Villain's PlanAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:28
  • 017Catch Em By The ToeFull Mix1:35
  • 018Catch Em By The ToeAlt Mix Reduced1:35
  • 019Catch Em By The ToeAlt Mix No Hip Hop1:35
  • 020Catch Em By The ToeAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:35
  • 021A Little SusFull Mix1:33
  • 022A Little SusAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:33
  • 023A Little SusAlt Mix Reduced1:33
  • 024A Little SusAlt Mix No Hip Hop1:33
  • 025Oh Hell NoFull Mix1:32
  • 026Oh Hell NoAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:32
  • 027Oh Hell NoAlt Mix No Hip Hop1:32
  • 028Oh Hell NoAlt Mix Reduced1:32
  • 029Creepin And PeepinFull Mix1:24
  • 030Creepin And PeepinAlt Mix Reduced1:24
  • 031Creepin And PeepinAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:24
  • 032Creepin And PeepinAlt Mix No Hip Hop1:24
  • 033Eat A NutAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:29
  • 034Eat A NutFull Mix1:29
  • 035Eat A NutAlt Mix Reduced1:29
  • 036Eat A NutAlt Mix No Hip Hop1:29
  • 037Knuckle DraggerFull Mix1:37
  • 038Knuckle DraggerAlt Mix Reduced1:37
  • 039Knuckle DraggerAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:37
  • 040Knuckle DraggerAlt Mix No Hip Hop1:37
  • 041Napoleon Is DynamiteFull Mix1:27
  • 042Napoleon Is DynamiteAlt Mix Reduced1:27
  • 043Napoleon Is DynamiteAlt Mix No Hip Hop1:27
  • 044Napoleon Is DynamiteAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:27
  • 045Recess MonitorFull Mix1:28
  • 046Recess MonitorAlt Mix Reduced1:28
  • 047Recess MonitorAlt Mix No Hip Hop1:28
  • 048Recess MonitorAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:28
  • 049That's Not What I HeardFull Mix1:34
  • 050That's Not What I HeardAlt Mix Reduced1:34
  • 051That's Not What I HeardAlt Mix No Hip Hop1:34
  • 052That's Not What I HeardAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:34
  • 053Too SmugFull Mix1:35
  • 054Too SmugAlt Mix Reduced1:35
  • 055Too SmugAlt Mix No Hip Hop1:35
  • 056Too SmugAlt Mix Drums And Bass1:35




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