The American Highway

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The American Highway SSM0013

Upbeat, confident, and all American, this colllection of americana tracks feature catchy acoustic guitar, foot stompin' rhythms, and southern slide guitars to create a carefree atmosphere.

Space & Sound Music SSM0013

  • 001Wagon HeistFull Mix1:40
  • 002Wagon HeistAlt Mix No Vox1:40
  • 003Wagon HeistAlt Mix No Drums1:40
  • 004WoohooFull Mix2:45
  • 005WoohooAlt Mix No Lead2:45
  • 006WoohooAlt Mix Drums And Percussion2:45
  • 007WoohooAlt Mix Bed Mix2:45
  • 008High Plains StompFull Mix1:41
  • 009High Plains StompAlt Mix No Drums1:41
  • 010Neon SunburnFull Mix4:12
  • 011Neon SunburnAlt Mix No Vox4:12
  • 012Acoustic Set UpFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)1:12
  • 013Mountain SideFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)1:17
  • 014Losing TimeFull Mix1:59
  • 015Losing TimeAlt Mix Drum And Bass1:59
  • 016Losing TimeAlt Mix Drums And Percussion1:59
  • 017Losing TimeAlt Mix No Lead1:59
  • 018SunriseFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)1:20
  • 019Rusty MindFull Mix2:05
  • 020Rusty MindAlt Mix No Leads2:05
  • 021Rusty MindAlt Mix Drum And Bass2:05
  • 022Rusty MindAlt Mix Drums And Percussion2:05
  • 023Acoustic LandscapesFull Mix (No Alt Mixes)2:15
  • 024After The FloodFull Mix1:45
  • 025After The FloodAlt Mix No Lead1:45
  • 026ChicagoFull Mix1:57
  • 027ChicagoAlt Mix Acoustic Only1:49
  • 028ChicagoAlt Mix Guitars Only1:49
  • 029ChicagoAlt Mix Guitar & Drone2:02
  • 030ChicagoALt Mix No Slide1:50
  • 031ChicagoAlt Mix No Drums1:54




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