Indie Rock Weekend

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Indie Rock Weekend SSM0011

Carefree and uplifting, this collection of Indie pop and rock tracks give you the perfect blend of lighthearted fun and a fresh sense of hope. Featuring electric guitars, drums, and bass guitar with some synths, strings, and other indie elements mixed in throughout, this is the perfect mix for the perfect indie vibe.

Space & Sound Music SSM0011

  • 001Almost EverythingFull Mix4:07
  • 002Chasing The SunFull Mix4:07
  • 003Chasing The SunAlt Mix Ac Gtr Stem4:07
  • 004Chasing The SunAlt Mix Bass Stem4:07
  • 005Chasing The SunAlt Mix Drums Stem4:07
  • 006Chasing The SunAlt Mix Elec Gtr Stem4:07
  • 007Chasing The SunAlt Mix Keys Stem4:07
  • 008Chasing The SunAlt Mix No Drums No Perc4:07
  • 009Chasing The SunAlt Mix No Drums No Vox4:07
  • 010Chasing The SunAlt Mix No Vox4:07
  • 011Chasing The SunAlt Mix Pad Stem4:07
  • 012Chasing The SunAlt Mix Plucked Strings Stem4:07
  • 013Chasing The SunAlt Mix Strings Stem4:07
  • 014Chasing The SunAlt Mix Synth Arp Stem4:07
  • 015Chasing The SunAlt Mix Vox Stem4:07
  • 016KingsFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)1:40
  • 017He Is A Cool GuyFull Mix1:35
  • 018He Is A Cool GuyNo Lead1:35
  • 019He Is A Cool GuyDrums And Percussion1:35
  • 020He Is A Cool GuyDrums And Bass1:35
  • 021Playful At His BestFull Mix1:38
  • 022Playful At His BestNo Lead1:38
  • 023Playful At His BestBed1:38
  • 024Playful At His BestDrum And Bass1:38
  • 025Playful At His BestDrum And Percussion1:38
  • 026Everyone's Favorite GuyFull Mix1:38
  • 027Everyone's Favorite GuyNo Lead1:38
  • 028Everyone's Favorite GuyDrums And Bass1:38
  • 029Everyone's Favorite GuyDrums And Percussion1:38
  • 030Free FallFull Mix3:44
  • 031Free FallAlt Mix No Drums3:44
  • 032No DestinationFull Mix3:55
  • 033No DestinationAlt Mix No Drums3:55
  • 034Party In The PubFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)1:41
  • 035Simple Yet AttractiveFull Mix1:32
  • 036Simple Yet AttractiveNo Lead1:32
  • 037Simple Yet AttractiveDrums And Bass1:32
  • 038Simple Yet AttractiveDrums And Percussion1:32
  • 039Fast ForwardFull Mix1:07
  • 040Fast ForwardAlt Mix No Piano1:07
  • 041Happy PeopleFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)1:32
  • 042Laid BackFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)1:56




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