Indie Acoustic

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Indie Acoustic SSM0010

Heartwarming and uplifting Indie/Folk album utilizing acoustic instruments, giving a feeling of determination and optimism. Great for lifestyle, Reality, Commercials and Documentaries

Space & Sound Music SSM0010

  • 001On a RollFull Mix1:23
  • 002On a RollNo Lead1:23
  • 003On a RollDrums And Bass1:23
  • 004On a RollDrums and Percussion1:23
  • 005Say YesFull Mix1:24
  • 006Say YesVox Stem1:24
  • 007Say YesUplifter Stem1:24
  • 008Say YesPiano Stem1:24
  • 009Say YesPerc Stem1:24
  • 010Say YesDrums Stem1:24
  • 011Say YesBass Stem1:24
  • 012Say YesAc Gtr 2 Stem1:24
  • 013Say YesAc Gtr 1 Stem1:24
  • 014Falling For YouFull Mix1:00
  • 015Hipsters GrooveFull Mix1:37
  • 016Hipsters GrooveAlt Mix 21:37
  • 017Hipsters GrooveAlt Mix 11:37
  • 018WaterholeFull Mix2:16
  • 019WaterholeAlt Mix No Lead2:16
  • 020WaterholeNo Percussion2:16
  • 021WaterholeNo Percussion or Lead2:16
  • 022WaterholeMix Percussion2:16
  • 023All The Way HomeFull Mix2:24
  • 024All The Way HomeNo Lead2:24
  • 025All The Way HomeRhythm Bed2:24
  • 026Big SkyFull Mix1:38
  • 027Big SkyNo Lead1:38
  • 028Big SkyDrums And Bass1:38
  • 029Big SkyDrums and Percussion1:38
  • 030Breathe EasyFull Mix2:16
  • 031Breathe EasyNo Lead2:16
  • 032Breathe EasyNo Percussion or Lead2:16
  • 033Breathe EasyNo Percussion2:16
  • 034Breathe EasyPercussion2:16
  • 035Hope FullFull Mix1:44
  • 036HopeAlt Verion1:44
  • 037Low Sun High MoonFull Mix4:10
  • 038Low Sun High MoonNo Drums No Perc4:10
  • 039Mind's EyeFull Mix1:34
  • 040Mind's EyeNo Lead1:34
  • 041Mind's EyeClassical and Acoustic Guitar1:34
  • 042Mind's EyeDrums And Bass1:34
  • 043Mind's EyeDrums and Percussion1:34
  • 044Starry NightFull Mix3:01
  • 045Starry NightAcoustic Guitar3:01
  • 046Starry NightNo Guitar3:01
  • 047Starry NightMix Strings3:01
  • 048Rolling AlongFull Mix0:51




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