Gritty Indie Rock Vol. 1

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Gritty Indie Rock Vol. 1 SSM0004

Energetic Indie Rock with crunchy guitars, heavy bass and drums for use in anything that needs a dose of wild indie rock energy.

Space & Sound Music SSM0004

  • 001When I Get AwayFull Mix3:19
  • 002When I Get AwayNo Lead Guitar3:19
  • 003When I Get AwayNo Rhythm Guitar3:19
  • 004When I Get AwayNo Bass3:19
  • 005When I Get AwayDrums and Bass3:19
  • 006You Don't Stand a ChanceFull Mix2:18
  • 007You Don't Stand a ChanceNo Lead with Keys2:18
  • 008You Don't Stand a ChanceNo Lead2:16
  • 009You Don't Stand a ChanceBass and Drums2:18
  • 010You Don't Stand a ChanceKeys Bass and Drums2:18
  • 011I Dare YouFull Mix2:13
  • 012I Dare YouNo Vocals2:13
  • 013I Dare YouNo Keys or Vocals2:13
  • 014I Dare YouNo Guitars2:13
  • 015I Dare YouDrums and Bass2:13
  • 016Happy HourFull Mix With Solo1:31
  • 017Happy HourFull Mix No Solo1:31
  • 018Happy HourGuitars1:31
  • 019Happy HourGuitars and Organ1:31
  • 020Happy HourDrums and Bass1:31
  • 021CrookedFull Mix2:03
  • 022CrookedNo Melodic2:03
  • 023CrookedFuzz Bass and Organ2:03
  • 024CrookedNo Rhythm Guitar No Organ2:03
  • 025CrookedDrums and Bass2:03
  • 026Crunchy GrooveFull Mix2:03
  • 027Crunchy GrooveBed Track2:03
  • 028Crunchy GrooveNo Drums2:03
  • 029Crunchy GrooveDrums and Bass2:03
  • 030Crunchy GrooveDrums and Percussion2:03
  • 031Gear UpFull Mix2:04
  • 032Gear UpNo Lead2:04
  • 033Gear UpBed Track2:04
  • 034Gear UpDrums and Bass2:04
  • 035Gear UpDrums and Percussion2:04
  • 036In The AMFull Mix1:43
  • 037In The AMNo Lead Guitar1:44
  • 038In The AMJust Guitar1:44
  • 039In The AMGuitar and Bass1:44
  • 040In The AMSound Design Guitars1:44
  • 041In The AMDrums and Bass1:44
  • 042In The AMJust Drums1:44
  • 043Gritty SwingFull Mix2:10
  • 044Gritty SwingBed Track2:10
  • 045Gritty SwingDrums and Bass2:10
  • 046Gritty SwingNo Drums2:10
  • 047Gritty SwingDrums and Percussion2:10
  • 048MelterFull Mix1:28
  • 049MelterBass and Guitar1:28
  • 050MelterDrums and Bass1:28
  • 051MelterDrums and Guitar1:28
  • 052MelterGuitars and Keys1:28
  • 053MelterJust Guitar1:28
  • 054MelterPads and Keys1:28




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