America - Hawaii

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America - Hawaii SMA72

Typical sounds for landscapes and regions in North, Central and South America.

Sound Music Album SMA72

  • 001Square Dance PartyMain2:33
  • 002Toast To TennesseeMain2:14
  • 003Old Farmer's DanceMain2:22
  • 004Campfire MelodyMain2:20
  • 005Tom DooleyMain2:21
  • 006Hillbilly CocoMain2:03
  • 007Swamp SongMain1:58
  • 008Happy PeopleMain2:28
  • 009Farmer's MeetingMain2:25
  • 010La MachicheMain1:55
  • 011Ay, Morenita, AyMain2:17
  • 012The Girls Of MexicoMain2:27
  • 013Addios MexicoMain2:26
  • 014Pan FluteMain1:39
  • 015Sailing HomeMain3:27
  • 016Reggae GirlMain2:24
  • 017CubatoMain2:54
  • 018Latin StepsMain2:38
  • 019Flauto BoliviaMain2:59
  • 020Sierra Nevada SunsetMain3:07
  • 021Samba Do RioMain2:18
  • 022Baila Mi GitarraMain3:16
  • 023BrasilienneMain2:32
  • 024Nights In RioMain2:54
  • 025El DanzaMain2:00
  • 026Tango ArgentinaMain1:48
  • 027Oahu Hula ChantMain2:35
  • 028Waikiki RoseMain3:25
  • 029Hawaiian WelcomeMain3:23




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