Middle East - Africa

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Middle East - Africa SMA70

Typical sounds for landscapes and regions in Turkey, the Orient, Israel, Egypt, North and Central Africa.

Sound Music Album SMA70

  • 001Turkish VillageMain1:38
  • 002RenaiMain2:41
  • 003DelkaschMain5:09
  • 004BazarMain2:27
  • 005Tara KamanMain2:51
  • 006Story Of IsfahanMain5:47
  • 007SchadlikaMain1:46
  • 008KebabMain1:59
  • 009Trip To SyrienMain1:59
  • 010Sunrise In LebanonMain3:17
  • 011SuleikaMain2:18
  • 012MedinaMain2:08
  • 013Flower Of AlgerieMain2:26
  • 014Le Jardinier MarocainMain2:47
  • 015Souk El JoumaMain2:49
  • 016Magic SphinxMain3:18
  • 017Babylon And BeyondMain2:31
  • 018Sha ShtillMain1:11
  • 019Evenou Shalom AlechemMain1:24
  • 020Hava NaguilaMain1:51
  • 021MakokuMain2:31
  • 022SafariMain2:30
  • 023KuguduMain1:53




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