Big Wide World

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Big Wide World SMA66

Music modelled on the styles of various countries.

Sound Music Album SMA66

  • 001LandscapeMain2:29
  • 002Green Irish IslandMain2:26
  • 003ScandicMain3:10
  • 004Celtic NormandyMain3:41
  • 005Icelands 1Main3:04
  • 006Icelands 2Main3:04
  • 007Marchin' KiltsMain2:17
  • 008Paris TristeMain2:34
  • 009Jerez FinoMain3:06
  • 010Old ViennaMain2:09
  • 011RomanticaMain2:13
  • 012Russian HeartMain2:37
  • 013La ProvenceMain3:08
  • 014Sundown In GreeceMain2:38
  • 015Canzoni ItalianiMain2:44
  • 016Bedu AkhmirMain2:39
  • 017PanarabMain2:10
  • 018BellydanceMain2:33
  • 019Jungle NightMain2:33
  • 020East IndiaMain1:57
  • 021Chinese FeelingMain2:34
  • 022ShintoMain2:14
  • 023Isle Of BaliMain2:01
  • 024Touch Of BluegrasMain2:23
  • 025AndenMain2:36
  • 026Buenos AiresMain2:30
  • 027OutbackMain2:12
  • 028WaterphoneMain2:16




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