Disaster Vol. 2

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Disaster Vol. 2 SMA65

Grand string recordings for landscapes, environment, threat.

Sound Music Album SMA65

  • 001DawnMain3:17
  • 002DesperationMain4:07
  • 003Darkover 1Main3:16
  • 004Darkover 2Main3:16
  • 005Darkover 3Main1:23
  • 006Chemical DestructionMain2:36
  • 007First SunbeamMain3:28
  • 008Usurpator 1Main2:45
  • 009Usurpator 2Short Version0:44
  • 010Toxic Threat 1Main3:35
  • 011Toxic Threat 2Main3:35
  • 012HiroshimaMain2:39
  • 013Hope 1Main4:57
  • 014Hope 2Main4:57
  • 015Desert WarMain3:06
  • 016Star LightsMain2:04
  • 017ViolenceMain3:51
  • 018WasteMain2:38
  • 019AnthemMain3:38
  • 020Time OutMain4:03
  • 021Lost GenerationMain3:43




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