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Israel SMA59

Music for biblical sites and modern Israel.

Sound Music Album SMA59

  • 001MenoraMain3:12
  • 002Pays TristeMain2:09
  • 003BazarMain1:26
  • 004King DavidMain3:16
  • 005The ProphetMain1:47
  • 006Gardens Of BabylonMain2:07
  • 007Book Of KnowledgeMain1:57
  • 008Salome's DanceMain2:01
  • 009Time For MeditationMain2:15
  • 010Arabien MoodMain2:05
  • 011Dance Of The VeilsMain2:19
  • 012Mount Of OlivesMain2:31
  • 013The Gentle ProphetMain2:10
  • 014Sermon On The MountMain1:38
  • 015Happy HerdsmanMain1:54
  • 016OfferingMain2:40
  • 017Shepherd In DesertMain1:46
  • 018Israelian SunsetMain3:11
  • 019Sur Le BoulevardMain2:17
  • 020HaifaMain2:19
  • 021Wedding CelebrationMain2:19
  • 022Desert TrailMain2:47
  • 023Tel Aviv TrafficMain2:10
  • 024Kibbuz LifeMain3:07
  • 025Israelian FolkdanceMain1:29
  • 026SimulationMain2:26
  • 027Sodom And GomorrhaMain2:53
  • 028King SalomonMain1:36




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