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Guitars SMA56

Electronic guitar with rhythm in a wide variety of styles.

Sound Music Album SMA56

  • 001Walk In The Early MorningMain3:41
  • 002Twinkling StarsMain3:25
  • 003NightmaresMain2:55
  • 004Charming MoodsMain2:00
  • 005Space WalkMain2:54
  • 006Little Green HillsMain3:27
  • 007Far BeyondMain3:18
  • 008Southern HighlandsMain2:23
  • 009Blue HorizonMain3:13
  • 010Velvet TemptationsMain2:34
  • 011Cheerful GrooveMain3:44
  • 012Walking In The MoonlightMain3:06
  • 013Walking On The Sunny SideMain1:45
  • 014Electric SoulMain2:14
  • 015The Late Late ShowMain2:08
  • 016FolkiesMain1:27
  • 017Valse MelancholiqueMain2:13
  • 018PreludeMain2:32
  • 019BerceuseMain2:28
  • 020These Simple SongsMain1:42
  • 021Inside OutMain1:12
  • 022Norwegian SummerMain1:16
  • 023Night StopMain1:40
  • 024Old Green CastlesMain3:30
  • 025CanterburyMain3:15
  • 026Blackwood ForestMain4:34
  • 027InterludeMain3:24




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