Crime Scene

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Crime Scene SMA53

Dramatics, chase, suspense, orchestral.

Sound Music Album SMA53

  • 001Hunting 1Main3:55
  • 002Hunting 2Main1:49
  • 003PreparingMain2:09
  • 004Hiding PlaceMain1:27
  • 005Breaking PointMain2:01
  • 006Power BagMain2:25
  • 007Power BagMain1:45
  • 008Slow TensionMain1:15
  • 009Dark WavesMain3:00
  • 010Under SurfaceMain2:05
  • 011Twisted FeelingMain2:19
  • 012Take Communications 1Main2:21
  • 013KillingMain1:49
  • 014PoisonShort Version0:57
  • 015Take Communications 2Main1:11
  • 016Dangerpoint 1Main1:09
  • 017Dangerpoint 2Main1:06
  • 018Climax 1Short Version0:15
  • 019Climax 2Short Version0:22
  • 020Climax 3Short Version0:16
  • 021Climax 4Short Version0:30
  • 022WatchingShort Version0:14




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