Sentimental Mood

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Sentimental Mood OML039

Meet the jazz combo at the bar. Soft, flattering sounds in a sentimental mood. Bar, late night, cultural, museum, landscapes.

Ours Music OML039

  • 001For NorahMain3:18
  • 002No Pain But LuckMain3:39
  • 003Sunny WeddingMain3:46
  • 004Again Or AlwaysMain4:02
  • 005Another BossaMain3:45
  • 006As You AreMain3:40
  • 007Reaching YouMain3:35
  • 008Sunday CocktailMain3:11
  • 009Jazzy BassMain3:20
  • 010Dried PetalsMain3:27
  • 011No DreamMain2:44
  • 012Fly Not FallMain3:13
  • 013Clean HandMain2:34




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