Analog Voyage

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Analog Voyage OML038

A musical journey into the times of analogue synth! Research, sciences, space, astronomy, industrial.

Ours Music OML038

  • 001Oxygene 2020Main4:50
  • 002Landing On JupiterMain4:24
  • 003Little PlumberMain2:52
  • 004Juno SongMain3:49
  • 005The VocalistMain3:39
  • 006Dancing With BishopMain3:49
  • 007Aerial JourneyMain2:59
  • 008Jerkin ClubMain2:57
  • 009Sky TimerMain2:32
  • 010Glittering Night SkyMain4:25
  • 011Analog WaltzMain3:18
  • 012Sunrise On The MoonMain4:35




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