Old School Bass

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Old School Bass OML035

The best of Jazz Bass from the Sixties! Here comes the sound from the deep. Easy Listening, funky, leisure, urban, nostalgia.

Ours Music OML035

  • 001Bastille FeverMain2:51
  • 002Old School BassMain2:12
  • 003Bus PalladiumMain2:22
  • 004Rue De VerneuilMain3:36
  • 005JerkomaniaMain2:38
  • 006Frenchy BigoudisMain2:14
  • 007Viva Saint TropezMain2:49
  • 008Custom BarbecueMain2:50
  • 009Rue Du DeltaMain2:06
  • 010GirophareMain3:14
  • 011Macumba RumbaMain2:09
  • 012My Drummer Is RichMain2:03
  • 013Spanish ConnectionMain2:27




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