So Trumpet

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So Trumpet OML034

Modern grooves liaise with meticulously embedded trumpets. Late night, urban, leisure, jazzy.

Ours Music OML034

  • 001At The Lounge ClubMain3:50
  • 002Dub TrumpMain2:52
  • 003Sweet SkinMain2:41
  • 004Remember PosterityMain2:52
  • 005Black Velvet NightMain2:48
  • 006Seul dans la villeMain2:26
  • 007Last Good ByeMain2:48
  • 008Neo Film NoirMain3:52
  • 009Hype Hop StoryMain2:12
  • 010Hot Jazz StuffMain2:10
  • 011This Glory DaysMain2:48
  • 012SpiritsMain3:33




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