Dejeuner sur l'herbe

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Dejeuner sur l'herbe OML032

Light, relaxed summer sounds for a day with the picnic basket in the park. Acoustic guitars with accompaniment as a perfect background for nature, summer and travel scenes.

Ours Music OML032

  • 001Arrival For DinnerMain2:17
  • 002Happy ChildhoodMain2:23
  • 003Happy LunchMain2:47
  • 004What A PicnicMain2:49
  • 005So SunnyMain2:55
  • 006So SunnyNo Lead Version2:55
  • 007Hat And GuitarMain2:04
  • 008Nap On The GrassMain4:22
  • 009Nap On The GrassNo Lead Version2:23
  • 010Smoking By The FireMain3:11
  • 011Smoking By The FireNo Lead Version3:11
  • 012Warm BreadMain2:15
  • 013Warm BreadNo Lead Version2:15
  • 014Always Go WestMain3:26
  • 015Always Go WestNo Lead Version3:26
  • 016Lunch With My FriendsMain2:44
  • 017Lunch With My FriendsNo Lead Version2:44




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