Smooth Colors

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Smooth Colors OML026

Smooth, summer jazz with a slight French touch. Accordion and guitar invite you to dream and take you on a holiday in France.

Ours Music OML026

  • 001La Maison AbandonneeMain5:24
  • 002PatchipookMain5:51
  • 003Carnet De NotesMain5:07
  • 004Men Ar BleizMain1:58
  • 005Jeu De QuartesMain3:03
  • 006Arc En CielMain4:27
  • 007L Ange BleuMain4:52
  • 008Terre InconnueMain5:11
  • 009IsoleMain3:35
  • 010Les 5 CheminsMain6:03
  • 011Calling You From LondonMain4:48




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