Atmospheric Guitars

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Atmospheric Guitars OML024

On this production the guitar is in the centre of attention. Atmospheric Guitars covers the entire spectrum, from blues to folk to rocking sounds. There is something for every situation.

Ours Music OML024

  • 001Sur Le FilMain3:12
  • 002BluingMain3:27
  • 003DreamMain2:16
  • 004Rue De MontreuilMain3:03
  • 005The Mister BluesMain3:37
  • 006BrumeMain1:10
  • 007RoadMain1:55
  • 008Blue BluesMain4:43
  • 009Carnet De VoyageMain2:06
  • 010No OneMain3:37
  • 011The VoiceMain2:43
  • 012La Tete En L'AirMain2:10
  • 013The TopMain2:47
  • 014Sur La RouteMain2:48
  • 015WinterMain2:33
  • 016La RocheMain1:25
  • 017Wa OuaMain1:19




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