Piano Stories

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Piano Stories OML019

Piano Stories tells real stories. From calm to moving, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud. Solo piano in all its facets. Classic, beautiful.

Ours Music OML019

  • 001Across CountryMain2:18
  • 002Bertie's MoodMain1:50
  • 003Light ShadowMain2:00
  • 004ManzanillaMain1:50
  • 005Opening NightMain2:09
  • 006Red LeavesMain1:58
  • 007The Dance ClassMain1:55
  • 008The Great PyramidMain2:06
  • 009The MeetingMain1:58
  • 010Apple AnnieMain2:08
  • 011TicktockMain1:52
  • 012Wake UpMain1:52




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