Cinematique Vol. 2

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Cinematique Vol. 2 OML016

Cinematic sound scapes as they are made for the big screen. From magical to dreamy, heroic to exciting. A soundtrack as if made from one piece.

Ours Music OML016

  • 001Opening SessionMain2:28
  • 002Watch BehindMain1:49
  • 003MalentenduMain2:04
  • 004Not So DesperateMain2:20
  • 005Dreaming HeartMain2:14
  • 006Canyon RumblingMain2:27
  • 007CamlannMain2:10
  • 008Spirit TalkMain2:18
  • 009MystMain2:21
  • 010The Only HopeMain2:22
  • 011HelenaMain2:19
  • 012A Place To SeeMain2:54




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