Scary Atmosphere

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Scary Atmosphere OML003

Cinematic soundtracks with orchestra and piano. More tension is barely possible. Whether mystery, horror or thriller, hereby the tension becomes tangible.

Ours Music OML003

  • 001ConnexionMain3:01
  • 002Crumb RumbleMain4:28
  • 003Scary ExtremeMain3:01
  • 004Stress In ManathanMain3:06
  • 005DeathMain2:52
  • 006Drame Au PhareMain3:27
  • 007Fugueuse En FuiteMain4:19
  • 008Rainy NightMain4:23
  • 009Metal HurlantMain2:03
  • 010Dramatic PianoMain3:42
  • 011A Piano In The ShadowMain3:00




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