The Soundstage

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The Soundstage MM 005

Inspired by the most memorable movie soundtracks of all time. Era-defining sounds & vision

Mining Music MM 005

  • 001Angel In The ValleyFull2:06
  • 002Angel In The Valley30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 003Angel In The Valley60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 004Beast LAFull1:35
  • 005Beast LA30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 006In Cloud ArcadeFull2:20
  • 007In Cloud Arcade30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 008In Cloud Arcade60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 009Red DustFull2:09
  • 010Red Dust30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 011Red Dust60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 012RedondoFull2:27
  • 013Redondo30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 014Redondo60 Seconds Edit0:59
  • 015SilverlakeFull1:38
  • 016The Glendale SerenadeFull2:27
  • 017The Glendale Serenade30 Seconds Edit0:29
  • 018The Glendale Serenade60 Seconds Edit0:59
  • 019Trojan HearseFull1:11
  • 020Trojan Hearse30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 021VinelandFull2:29
  • 022Vineland30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 023Vineland60 Seconds Edit1:00




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