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Groovitude LUV146

Groovy beats with sass and class.

Temp Love LUV146

  • 001Grooving VanFULL2:54
  • 002Bust a GrooveFULL3:01
  • 003Groove OperatorFULL2:32
  • 004Groovo RicheFULL3:05
  • 005Groove Your BodyFULL2:52
  • 006Its Your GrooveFULL2:21
  • 007Groove Got MailFULL2:57
  • 008Groove ClicquotFULL3:03
  • 009Groovenile DelinquentFULL2:26
  • 010Bride and GrooveFULL3:01
  • 011Electric GroovalooFULL1:20
  • 012The Rise of GrooveFULL2:03
  • 013Grooving VanALT1 NoBrass2:54
  • 014Grooving VanALT2 MinimalMix2:54
  • 015Grooving VanSTEM01 Drums2:54
  • 016Grooving VanSTEM02 Percussion2:54
  • 017Grooving VanSTEM03 Bass2:54
  • 018Grooving VanSTEM04 Guitar2:54
  • 019Grooving VanSTEM05 Keys2:54
  • 020Grooving VanSTEM06 Brass2:54
  • 021Bust a GrooveALT1 NoGuitar3:01
  • 022Bust a GrooveSTEM01 Drums3:01
  • 023Bust a GrooveSTEM02 Prec3:01
  • 024Bust a GrooveSTEM03 Bass3:01
  • 025Bust a GrooveSTEM04 Guitar13:01
  • 026Bust a GrooveSTEM05 Guitar23:01
  • 027Bust a GrooveSTEM06 Synth13:01
  • 028Bust a GrooveSTEM07 Synth23:01
  • 029Groove OperatorALT1 NoBrass2:32
  • 030Groove OperatorSTEM01 Drums2:32
  • 031Groove OperatorSTEM02 Bass2:32
  • 032Groove OperatorSTEM03 Guitar2:32
  • 033Groove OperatorSTEM04 Percussion2:32
  • 034Groove OperatorSTEM05 Synth2:32
  • 035Groove OperatorSTEM06 Brass2:32
  • 036Groovo RicheALT1 NoBrass3:05
  • 037Groovo RicheALT2 NoBrassNoRhodes3:05
  • 038Groovo RicheSTEM01 Drums3:05
  • 039Groovo RicheSTEM02 Bass3:05
  • 040Groovo RicheSTEM03 Guitar3:05
  • 041Groovo RicheSTEM04 Rhodes3:05
  • 042Groovo RicheSTEM05 Brass3:05
  • 043Groove Your BodyALT1 NoGuitars2:52
  • 044Groove Your BodySTEM01 Drums2:52
  • 045Groove Your BodySTEM02 Bass2:52
  • 046Groove Your BodySTEM03 BassSynth2:52
  • 047Groove Your BodySTEM04 Guitar12:52
  • 048Groove Your BodySTEM05 Guitar22:52
  • 049Groove Your BodySTEM06 Synth2:52
  • 050Its Your GrooveALT1 NoLeads2:21
  • 051Its Your GrooveSTEM01 Drums2:21
  • 052Its Your GrooveSTEM02 Bass2:21
  • 053Its Your GrooveSTEM03 Guitar2:21
  • 054Its Your GrooveSTEM04 Percussion2:21
  • 055Its Your GrooveSTEM05 Synth12:21
  • 056Its Your GrooveSTEM06 Synth22:21
  • 057Groove Got MailALT1 NoBrass2:57
  • 058Groove Got MailALT1 NoBrassNoGuitar2:57
  • 059Groove Got MailSTEM01 Bass2:57
  • 060Groove Got MailSTEM01 Drums2:57
  • 061Groove Got MailSTEM03 Guitar12:57
  • 062Groove Got MailSTEM04 Guitar22:57
  • 063Groove Got MailSTEM06 Percussion2:57
  • 064Groove Got MailSTEM07 Brass2:57
  • 065Groove ClicquotALT1 NoSynthLead3:03
  • 066Groove ClicquotALT2 MinimalMix3:03
  • 067Groove ClicquotSTEM01 Drums3:03
  • 068Groove ClicquotSTEM02 Percussion3:03
  • 069Groove ClicquotSTEM03 Bass3:03
  • 070Groove ClicquotSTEM04 Guitar13:03
  • 071Groove ClicquotSTEM05 Guitar23:03
  • 072Groove ClicquotSTEM06 Synth13:03
  • 073Groove ClicquotSTEM07 Synth23:03
  • 074Groovenile DelinquentALT1 NoLeadGuitar2:26
  • 075Groovenile DelinquentALT2 NoGuitarNoKeys2:26
  • 076Groovenile DelinquentSTEM01 Drums2:26
  • 077Groovenile DelinquentSTEM02 Bass2:26
  • 078Groovenile DelinquentSTEM03 Guitar12:26
  • 079Groovenile DelinquentSTEM04 Guitar22:26
  • 080Groovenile DelinquentSTEM05 Guitar32:26
  • 081Groovenile DelinquentSTEM06 Percussion2:26
  • 082Groovenile DelinquentSTEM07 Keys2:26
  • 083Groovenile DelinquentSTEM08 Synth2:26
  • 084Bride and GrooveALT1 Minimal Mix13:01
  • 085Bride and GrooveALT2 MinimalMix23:01
  • 086Bride and GrooveSTEM01 Drums3:01
  • 087Bride and GrooveSTEM02 Bass3:01
  • 088Bride and GrooveSTEM03 Guitar3:01
  • 089Bride and GrooveSTEM04 Synth13:01
  • 090Bride and GrooveSTEM05 Synth23:01
  • 091Bride and GrooveSTEM06 SFX3:01
  • 092Electric GroovalooALT1 NoLead1:20
  • 093Electric GroovalooALT2 NoLeadNoGuitar1:20
  • 094Electric GroovalooSTEM01 Drums1:20
  • 095Electric GroovalooSTEM02 Bass1:20
  • 096Electric GroovalooSTEM03 Guitar11:20
  • 097Electric GroovalooSTEM04 Guitar21:20
  • 098Electric GroovalooSTEM05 Synth11:20
  • 099Electric GroovalooSTEM06 Synth21:20
  • 100The Rise of GrooveALT1 MinimalMix12:03
  • 101The Rise of GrooveALT1 NoBrass2:03
  • 102The Rise of GrooveSTEM01 Drums2:03
  • 103The Rise of GrooveSTEM02 Percussion2:03
  • 104The Rise of GrooveSTEM03 Bass2:03
  • 105The Rise of GrooveSTEM04 Guitar12:03
  • 106The Rise of GrooveSTEM05 Guitar22:03
  • 107The Rise of GrooveSTEM06 Synth2:03
  • 108The Rise of GrooveSTEM07 Brass2:03




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