Ritual Rhythms

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Ritual Rhythms LUV121

A percussive journey into the mysterious world of shamans, priests, and whatever your spirit animal may be.

Temp Love LUV121

  • 001Shaman RaymondFull1:51
  • 002Make Me One With EverythingFull1:40
  • 003KanguruFull1:42
  • 004Absent MindfulnessFull1:51
  • 005SelfawarewolfFull1:50
  • 006Very High PriestFull1:40
  • 007Which Doctor?Full1:41
  • 008Open SorcererFull1:51
  • 009Druish PrincessFull1:38
  • 010Temple LoveFull1:55
  • 011Shaman RaymondALT1 NoDrums1:51
  • 012Shaman Raymond30 Seconds Edit0:38
  • 013Shaman Raymond60 Seconds Edit1:07
  • 014Shaman RaymondSTEM1 Percussion1:51
  • 015Shaman RaymondSTEM2 WorldMisc1:51
  • 016Shaman RaymondSTEM3 Synths1:51
  • 017Make Me One With EverythingALT1 NoDrums1:40
  • 018Make Me One With EverythingALT2 NoSynth1:40
  • 019Make Me One With Everything30 Seconds Edit0:35
  • 020Make Me One With Everything60 Seconds Edit1:06
  • 021Make Me One With EverythingSTEM1 Drums1:40
  • 022Make Me One With EverythingSTEM2 Percussion1:40
  • 023Make Me One With EverythingSTEM3 Mallets1:40
  • 024Make Me One With EverythingSTEM4 Synth1:40
  • 025KanguruALT1NoDrums1:42
  • 026KanguruALT2 MinimalMix1:42
  • 027Kanguru30 Seconds Edit0:41
  • 028Kanguru60 Seconds Edit1:06
  • 029KanguruSTEM1 Drums1:42
  • 030KanguruSTEM2 Percussion1:42
  • 031KanguruSTEM3 MalletsMelody1:42
  • 032KanguruSTEM4 MalletsLow1:42
  • 033KanguruSTEM5 Bells1:42
  • 034KanguruSTEM6 Synths1:42
  • 035Absent MindfulnessALT1 MinimalMix1:51
  • 036Absent Mindfulness30 Seconds Edit0:36
  • 037Absent Mindfulness60 Seconds Edit1:09
  • 038Absent MindfulnessSTEM1 Drums1:51
  • 039Absent MindfulnessSTEM2 Mallets1:51
  • 040Absent MindfulnessSTEM3 FX1:51
  • 041SelfawarewolfALT1 MinimalMix1:50
  • 042SelfawarewolfALT2 NoMallets1:50
  • 043SelfawarewolfALT3 No Drums1:50
  • 044Selfawarewolf30 Seconds Edit0:34
  • 045Selfawarewolf60 Seconds Edit1:04
  • 046SelfawarewolfSTEM1 Drums1:50
  • 047SelfawarewolfSTEM2 Percussion1:50
  • 048SelfawarewolfSTEM3 Mallets1:50
  • 049SelfawarewolfSTEM4 FX1:50
  • 050SelfawarewolfSTEM5 Synths1:50
  • 051Very High PriestALT1 No SynthNoBells1:40
  • 052Very High PriestALT2 No Drums1:40
  • 053Very High PriestALT3 MinimalMix1:40
  • 054Very High Priest30 Seconds Edit0:35
  • 055Very High Priest60 Seconds Edit1:06
  • 056Very High PriestSTEM1 Drums1:40
  • 057Very High PriestSTEM2 Percussion1:40
  • 058Very High PriestSTEM3 FX1:40
  • 059Very High PriestSTEM5 Synth1:40
  • 060Very High PriestSTEM6 Mallets1:40
  • 061Very High PriestSTEM7 Bells1:40
  • 062Which Doctor?ALT1 MinimalMix1:41
  • 063Which Doctor?ALT2 NoDrums1:41
  • 064Which Doctor?30 Seconds Edit0:37
  • 065Which Doctor?60 Seconds Edit1:08
  • 066Which Doctor?STEM1 Drums1:41
  • 067Which Doctor?STEM2 Percussion1:41
  • 068Which Doctor?STEM3 Mallets1:41
  • 069Which Doctor?STEM4 Synths1:41
  • 070Which Doctor?STEM5 SFX1:41
  • 071Open SorcererALT1MinimalMix1:51
  • 072Open SorcererALT2 NoDrums1:51
  • 073Open Sorcerer30 Seconds Edit0:36
  • 074Open Sorcerer60 Seconds Edit1:03
  • 075Open SorcererSTEM1 Drums1:51
  • 076Open SorcererSTEM2 Percussion1:51
  • 077Open SorcererSTEM3 Mallets1:51
  • 078Open SorcererSTEM4 FX1:51
  • 079Druish PrincessALT1 MinimalMix1:38
  • 080Druish PrincessALT2 NoDrums1:38
  • 081Druish Princess30 Seconds Edit0:35
  • 082Druish Princess60 Seconds Edit1:06
  • 083Druish PrincessSTEM1 Drums1:38
  • 084Druish PrincessSTEM2 Percussion1:38
  • 085Druish PrincessSTEM3 Mallets1:38
  • 086Druish PrincessSTEM4 FX1:38
  • 087Temple LoveALT1 MinimalMix1:55
  • 088Temple LoveALT2 NoDrums1:55
  • 089Temple Love30 Seconds Edit0:32
  • 090Temple Love60 Seconds Edit1:02
  • 091Temple LoveSTEM1 Drums1:55
  • 092Temple LoveSTEM2 Percussion1:55
  • 093Temple LoveSTEM3 RollsAndBells1:55
  • 094Temple LoveSTEM4 Mallets1:55
  • 095Temple LoveSTEM5 SynthBass1:55
  • 096Temple LoveSTEM6 SynthHigh1:55




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