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Slacker LUV107

Stoner beach jams for the dog days of summer.

Temp Love LUV107

  • 001Do You Really?FULL2:57
  • 002Touch The Velvet SunFULL3:00
  • 003Good LuckFULL2:54
  • 004Wash Me AwayFULL3:19
  • 005Kiss The HighwayFULL2:46
  • 006Spinning Round the SunFULL2:31
  • 007We Will Be The OnesFULL4:22
  • 008Every MorningFULL3:43
  • 009Do You Really?300:35
  • 010Do You Really?601:03
  • 011Do You Really?ALT1 NoVox2:57
  • 012Do You Really?ALT2 NoVoxNoLeads2:57
  • 013Do You Really?STEM1 Drums2:57
  • 014Do You Really?STEM2 Percussion2:57
  • 015Do You Really?STEM3 Bass2:57
  • 016Do You Really?STEM4 Keys2:57
  • 017Do You Really?STEM5 GuitarRhythm2:57
  • 018Do You Really?STEM6 GuitarLead2:57
  • 019Do You Really?STEM7 Vox2:57
  • 020Touch The Velvet Sun300:35
  • 021Touch The Velvet Sun601:04
  • 022Touch The Velvet SunALT1 NoVox3:00
  • 023Touch The Velvet SunALT2 NoVoxNoLeads3:00
  • 024Touch The Velvet SunSTEM1 Drums3:00
  • 025Touch The Velvet SunSTEM2 Percussion3:00
  • 026Touch The Velvet SunSTEM3 Bass3:00
  • 027Touch The Velvet SunSTEM4 Keys3:00
  • 028Touch The Velvet SunSTEM5 Vibraphone3:00
  • 029Touch The Velvet SunSTEM6 GuitarRhythm3:00
  • 030Touch The Velvet SunSTEM7 GuitarLead3:00
  • 031Touch The Velvet SunSTEM8 Vox3:00
  • 032Good Luck300:36
  • 033Good Luck601:04
  • 034Good LuckALT1 NoVox2:54
  • 035Good LuckALT2 NoVoxNoLeads2:54
  • 036Good LuckSTEM1 Drums2:54
  • 037Good LuckSTEM2 Bass2:54
  • 038Good LuckSTEM3 Keys2:54
  • 039Good LuckSTEM4 GuitarRhythm2:54
  • 040Good LuckSTEM5 GuitarLead2:54
  • 041Good LuckSTEM6 Vox2:54
  • 042Wash Me Away300:33
  • 043Wash Me Away601:02
  • 044Wash Me AwayALT1 NoVox3:19
  • 045Wash Me AwayALT2 NoVoxNoLeads3:19
  • 046Wash Me AwaySTEM1 Drums3:19
  • 047Wash Me AwaySTEM2 Percussion3:19
  • 048Wash Me AwaySTEM3 Bass3:19
  • 049Wash Me AwaySTEM4 Keys3:19
  • 050Wash Me AwaySTEM5 GuitarRhythm3:19
  • 051Wash Me AwaySTEM6 GuitarLead3:19
  • 052Wash Me AwaySTEM7 Vox3:19
  • 053Kiss The Highway300:36
  • 054Kiss The Highway601:02
  • 055Kiss The HighwayALT1 NoVox2:46
  • 056Kiss The HighwayALT2 NoVoxNoLeads2:46
  • 057Kiss The HighwaySTEM1 DRUMS2:46
  • 058Kiss The HighwaySTEM2 Percussion2:46
  • 059Kiss The HighwaySTEM3 Bass2:46
  • 060Kiss The HighwaySTEM4 Keys2:46
  • 061Kiss The HighwaySTEM6 GuitarRhythm2:46
  • 062Kiss The HighwaySTEM7 GuitarLead2:46
  • 063Kiss The HighwaySTEM8 Vox2:46
  • 064Spinning Round the Sun300:34
  • 065Spinning Round the Sun601:03
  • 066Spinning Round the SunALT1 NoVox2:31
  • 067Spinning Round the SunALT2 NoVoxNoLeads2:31
  • 068Spinning Round the SunSTEM1 Drums2:31
  • 069Spinning Round the SunSTEM2 Bass2:31
  • 070Spinning Round the SunSTEM3 Keys2:31
  • 071Spinning Round the SunSTEM4 GuitarRhythm2:31
  • 072Spinning Round the SunSTEM5 GuitarLead2:31
  • 073Spinning Round the SunSTEM6 Vox2:31
  • 074We Will Be The Ones300:35
  • 075We Will Be The Ones601:05
  • 076We Will Be The OnesALT1 NoVox4:22
  • 077We Will Be The OnesALT2 NoVoxNoLeads4:22
  • 078We Will Be The OnesSTEM1 Drums4:22
  • 079We Will Be The OnesSTEM2 Percussion4:22
  • 080We Will Be The OnesSTEM3 Bass4:22
  • 081We Will Be The OnesSTEM3 Keys4:22
  • 082We Will Be The OnesSTEM4 GuitarRhythm4:22
  • 083We Will Be The OnesSTEM5 GuitarLead4:22
  • 084We Will Be The OnesSTEM6 Vox4:22
  • 085Every Morning300:31
  • 086Every Morning601:02
  • 087Every MorningALT1 NoVox3:43
  • 088Every MorningALT2 NoVoxNoLeads3:43
  • 089Every MorningSTEM1 Drums3:43
  • 090Every MorningSTEM2 Percussion3:43
  • 091Every MorningSTEM3 Bass3:43
  • 092Every MorningSTEM4 Keys3:43
  • 093Every MorningSTEM5 Vibraphone3:43
  • 094Every MorningSTEM6 GuitarRhythm3:43
  • 095Every MorningSTEM7 GuitarLead3:43
  • 096Every MorningSTEM8 Vox3:43




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