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8-Bit LUV088

Retro 8-bit themes from when Atari and Nintendo ruled the arcade. And when there were actually arcades.

Temp Love LUV088

  • 001ShroomingFull1:27
  • 002Blow Into The CartridgeFull1:27
  • 003Next LevelFull1:53
  • 0041UpFull1:39
  • 005Kill ScreenFull1:56
  • 006Insert CoinFull1:45
  • 007Ikegami's ReturnFull1:37
  • 008Cheat CodeFull1:25
  • 009ShroomingNoVox1:27
  • 010ShroomingNoVoxNoLead1:27
  • 011ShroomingNoDrums1:27
  • 012Shrooming30 Seconds Edit0:33
  • 013Shrooming60 Seconds Edit1:04
  • 014ShroomingSting0:06
  • 015Blow Into The CartridgeNoLead1:27
  • 016Blow Into The CartridgeNoBeat1:27
  • 017Blow Into The CartridgeBeatsBassOnly1:27
  • 018Blow Into The Cartridge30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 019Blow Into The Cartridge60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 020Blow Into The CartridgeSting0:02
  • 021Next LevelNoLead1:53
  • 022Next LevelNoDrums1:53
  • 023Next Level30 Seconds Edit0:31
  • 024Next Level60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 025Next LevelSting0:03
  • 0261UpNoLead1:39
  • 0271UpNoSFX1:39
  • 0281UpNoDrums1:39
  • 0291Up30 Seconds Edit0:29
  • 0301Up60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 0311UpSting0:02
  • 032Kill ScreenNoVox1:56
  • 033Kill ScreenNoVoxNoLead1:56
  • 034Kill Screen30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 035Kill Screen60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 036Kill ScreenSting0:06
  • 037Insert CoinNoLead1:45
  • 038Insert CoinNoDrums1:45
  • 039Insert Coin30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 040Insert Coin60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 041Insert CoinSting0:02
  • 042Ikegami's ReturnNoLeads1:37
  • 043Ikegami's ReturnNoDrums1:37
  • 044Ikegami's Return30 Seconds Edit0:31
  • 045Ikegami's Return60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 046Ikegami's ReturnSting0:06
  • 047Cheat CodeNoLead1:25
  • 048Cheat CodeNoDrums1:25
  • 049Cheat Code30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 050Cheat Code60 Seconds Edit0:59
  • 051Cheat CodeSting0:07




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