In A World...

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In A World... LUV075

Bombastic orchestral tracks with huge hits, breaks, and sound design tailored for trailer tension.

Temp Love LUV075

  • 001Mega QuestFull2:08
  • 002Meet Me in the PantheonFull2:11
  • 003Avenge For RevengeFull2:05
  • 004A Choir Surrounded by FireFull2:00
  • 005Evil Doers' SymposiumFull2:10
  • 006Franz ZimmerFull2:00
  • 007Countdown To MadnessFull2:00
  • 008This is Pretty Intense GuysFull1:57
  • 009ThorgamesFull2:06
  • 010Stan's LabyrinthFull2:06
  • 011Black SnowflakesFull2:07
  • 012Serial Killer Support GroupFull2:02
  • 013Mega QuestAlternate2:08
  • 014Meet Me in the PantheonAlternate2:11
  • 015Avenge For RevengeAlternate2:05
  • 016A Choir Surrounded by FireAlternate2:00
  • 017Evil Doers' SymposiumAlternate2:10
  • 018Franz ZimmerAlternate2:00
  • 019Countdown To MadnessAlternate2:00
  • 020This is Pretty Intense GuysAlternate1:57
  • 021ThorgamesAlternate2:06
  • 022Stan's LabyrinthAlternate2:06
  • 023Black SnowflakesAlternate2:07
  • 024Serial Killer Support GroupAlternate2:02
  • 025Mega QuestSting0:14
  • 026Meet Me in the PantheonSting0:16
  • 027Avenge For RevengeSting0:18
  • 028A Choir Surrounded by FireSting0:23
  • 029Evil Doers' SymposiumSting0:16
  • 030Franz ZimmerSting0:09
  • 031Countdown To MadnessSting0:09
  • 032This is Pretty Intense GuysSting0:14
  • 033ThorgamesSting0:11
  • 034Stan's LabyrinthSting0:14
  • 035Black SnowflakesSting0:14
  • 036Serial Killer Support GroupSting0:15




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