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#thrashtag LUV037

An insanely heavy collection of thrash metal that will melt your face off.

Temp Love LUV037

  • 001Final DestinationMain2:34
  • 002Bloodbath War ScumMain2:36
  • 003The Rivers LedgeMain2:06
  • 004InsanitariumMain2:18
  • 005Caught in a WashMain1:56
  • 006South of KevinMain2:30
  • 007Thrash GordonMain2:27
  • 008KruegerMain2:25
  • 009SmellraiserMain1:57
  • 010MegabreathMain2:19
  • 011Master of MuppetsMain2:14
  • 012Reign in MudMain2:22
  • 013Final DestinationAlternate2:34
  • 014Final Destination30 Seconds Edit0:33
  • 015Final Destination60 Seconds Edit1:04
  • 016Bloodbath War ScumAlternate2:36
  • 017Bloodbath War Scum30 Seconds Edit0:36
  • 018Bloodbath War Scum60 Seconds Edit1:05
  • 019The Rivers LedgeAlternate2:06
  • 020The Rivers Ledge30 Seconds Edit0:33
  • 021The Rivers Ledge60 Seconds Edit1:02
  • 022InsanitariumAlternate2:18
  • 023Insanitarium30 Seconds Edit0:33
  • 024Insanitarium60 Seconds Edit1:03
  • 025Caught in a WashAlternate1:56
  • 026Caught in a Wash30 Seconds Edit0:33
  • 027Caught in a Wash60 Seconds Edit1:03
  • 028South of KevinAlternate2:30
  • 029South of Kevin30 Seconds Edit0:36
  • 030South of Kevin60 Seconds Edit1:06
  • 031Thrash GordonAlternate2:27
  • 032Thrash Gordon30 Seconds Edit0:37
  • 033Thrash Gordon60 Seconds Edit1:05
  • 034KruegerAlternate2:25
  • 035Krueger30 Seconds Edit0:32
  • 036Krueger60 Seconds Edit1:01
  • 037SmellraiserAlternate1:57
  • 038Smellraiser30 Seconds Edit0:35
  • 039Smellraiser60 Seconds Edit1:06
  • 040MegabreathAlternate2:19
  • 041Megabreath30 Seconds Edit0:33
  • 042Megabreath60 Seconds Edit1:03
  • 043Master of MuppetsAlternate2:14
  • 044Master of Muppets30 Seconds Edit0:31
  • 045Master of Muppets60 Seconds Edit1:03
  • 046Reign in MudAlternate2:22
  • 047Reign in Mud30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 048Reign in Mud60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 049Final DestinationSting0:06
  • 050Bloodbath War ScumSting0:08
  • 051The Rivers LedgeSting0:05
  • 052InsanitariumSting0:05
  • 053Caught in a WashSting0:07
  • 054South of KevinSting0:09
  • 055Thrash GordonSting0:08
  • 056KruegerSting0:07
  • 057SmellraiserSting0:08
  • 058MegabreathSting0:06
  • 059Master of MuppetsSting0:03
  • 060Reign in MudSting0:05




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