JW Vault - Vol. 16

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JW Vault - Vol. 16 JWV0121

A selection of vintage orchestral tracks from the JW archives. From slow and solemn, to upbeat and jovial. Recorded live in the 1950s and available in both original and remastered versions.

JW Media Music JWV0121

  • 001Solemn MelodyRemastered1:48
  • 002Leap For JoyRemastered1:18
  • 003Tribal ChiefRemastered1:28
  • 004TyroleanRemastered1:38
  • 005Solemn MelodyOriginal1:53
  • 006Leap For JoyOriginal1:20
  • 007Tribal ChiefOriginal1:34
  • 008TyroleanOriginal1:42




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