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Daydreamer JW2351

Warm and positive modern electro and electro-acoustic vibes featuring slick, urban beats, dreamy electric and acoustic guitars, mellow mallet textures with moments of uplifting, synth hooks and infectious vocal samples and shouts.

JW Media Music JW2351

  • 001Gentle FocusFull2:52
  • 002Feeling ButterfliesFull2:37
  • 003Cool SwaggerFull1:36
  • 004Falling LeavesFull3:20
  • 005Softness ReignsFull4:11
  • 006Slick MovesFull1:57
  • 007Electronic JoyFull0:47
  • 008Leap Of FaithFull4:21
  • 009On A JourneyFull2:40
  • 010Cool VibesFull3:00
  • 011Gentle Focus60 Second Edit0:59
  • 012Gentle Focus30 Second Edit0:32
  • 013Gentle FocusNo Drums2:52
  • 014Gentle FocusNo High Guitar Fx2:52
  • 015Feeling Butterflies60 Second Edit1:00
  • 016Feeling Butterflies30 Second Edit0:31
  • 017Feeling ButterfliesNo Drums2:37
  • 018Feeling ButterfliesNo Drums No Vox2:37
  • 019Feeling ButterfliesMore Droney2:37
  • 020Feeling ButterfliesMore Droney - No Vox2:37
  • 021Feeling ButterfliesMore Droney - No Vox No Drums2:37
  • 022Cool Swagger60 Second Edit1:01
  • 023Cool Swagger30 Second Edit0:30
  • 024Cool SwaggerWith Stops1:24
  • 025Cool SwaggerSting 15'0:18
  • 026Cool SwaggerSting 12' - No Keys No Perc No Synth0:18
  • 027Cool SwaggerSting 8' - No Keys No Perc No Synth0:11
  • 028Cool SwaggerSting 7' - No Keys No Perc No Synth0:09
  • 029Cool SwaggerSting 5'0:06
  • 030Cool SwaggerSting 4' - No Keys No Perc No Synth0:05
  • 031Falling LeavesNo Drums3:20
  • 032Softness Reigns60 Second Edit1:02
  • 033Softness Reigns30 Second Edit0:35
  • 034Softness ReignsNo Melody4:11
  • 035Softness ReignsNo Drums4:11
  • 036Softness ReignsNo Drums No Melody4:11
  • 037Softness ReignsJust Guitar Piano And Bass4:11
  • 038Slick Moves60 Second Edit1:00
  • 039Slick Moves30 Second Edit0:30
  • 040Slick MovesNo Drums1:57
  • 041Slick MovesNo Whistle1:57
  • 042Slick MovesNo Drums No Whistle1:57
  • 043Slick MovesNo Whistle No Vox1:57
  • 044Electronic Joy30 Second Edit0:32
  • 045Electronic JoyUnderscore0:47
  • 046Leap Of Faith60 Second Edit1:01
  • 047Leap Of Faith30 Second Edit0:21
  • 048Leap Of FaithNo Vox4:21
  • 049Leap Of FaithNo Scratches4:21
  • 050Leap Of FaithNo Scratches No Vox4:21
  • 051On A Journey60 Second Edit1:01
  • 052On A Journey30 Second Edit0:08
  • 053On A JourneyNo Synth2:40
  • 054On A JourneyNo Synth No Vox2:40
  • 055On A JourneyNo Glock No Synth No Vox2:40
  • 056On A JourneyGentle No Drums2:40
  • 057On A JourneyGentle No Glock No Drums2:40
  • 058On A JourneyGentle No Glock No Drums No Vox2:40
  • 059On A JourneyVery Gentle Just Guitar Bass And Perc2:40
  • 060Cool Vibes60 Second Edit1:00
  • 061Cool Vibes30 Second Edit0:38
  • 062Cool VibesNo Vocal Fx3:00
  • 063Cool VibesNo Scratches3:00
  • 064Cool VibesNo Scratches No Vocal Fx3:00
  • 065Cool VibesWith Stops3:53
  • 066Cool VibesWith Stops Gentler4:13
  • 067Cool VibesWith Stops No Mallet Pad3:53
  • 068Cool VibesWith Stops No Scratches3:53
  • 069Cool VibesWith Stops No Scratches No Mallet Pad3:53
  • 070Cool VibesWith Stops No Drums No Guitars3:53
  • 071Cool VibesWith Stops Full With Vox And Extra Intros3:54
  • 072Cool VibesWith Stops No Drums No Guitars No Scratches3:53
  • 073Cool VibesSting 12'0:19
  • 074Cool VibesSting 12' - No Mallets0:19
  • 075Cool VibesSting 12' - No Drums No Guitars0:19
  • 076Cool VibesSting 12' - No Mallets No Scratches0:17
  • 077Cool VibesSting 6' - Full0:13
  • 078Cool VibesSting 6' - No Mallets No Scratches0:11
  • 079Cool VibesSting 3' - Scratch And Yeah0:05




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