Conceptualise 2

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Conceptualise 2 JW2328

Volume two of music from our vaults re-imagined: funky big beats, surf rock meets drum & bass, and soulful hip-hop influences.

JW Media Music JW2328

  • 001Big BoogieFull2:48
  • 002Big WaveFull1:54
  • 003SlinkyFull2:07
  • 004FunkamaticFull2:21
  • 005Dynamite SoulFull2:52
  • 006Crosstown GrooverFull3:14
  • 007Love Takes Me HigherFull2:49
  • 008Detective StompFull2:45
  • 009Easy BreezyFull1:59
  • 010Toot The HornFull2:38
  • 011Big BoogieInstrumental2:48
  • 012Big Boogie60 Second Edit1:00
  • 013Big BoogieInstrumental 60 Second Edit1:00
  • 014Big Boogie30 Second Edit0:30
  • 015Big BoogieInstrumental 30 Second Edit0:30
  • 016Big Wave60 Second Edit1:00
  • 017Big Wave30 Second Edit0:31
  • 018Slinky60 Second Edit1:00
  • 019Slinky30 Second Edit0:30
  • 020Funkamatic60 Second Edit1:00
  • 021Funkamatic30 Second Edit0:31
  • 022Dynamite SoulInstrumental2:51
  • 023Dynamite Soul60 Second Edit1:00
  • 024Dynamite SoulInstrumental 60 Second Edit1:00
  • 025Dynamite Soul30 Second Edit0:30
  • 026Dynamite SoulInstrumental 30 Second Edit0:30
  • 027Crosstown GrooverInstrumental3:12
  • 028Crosstown Groover60 Second Edit1:00
  • 029Crosstown Groover30 Second Edit0:31
  • 030Love Takes Me HigherInstrumental2:49
  • 031Love Takes Me Higher60 Second Edit1:00
  • 032Love Takes Me HigherInstrumental 60 Second Edit1:00
  • 033Love Takes Me Higher30 Second Edit0:30
  • 034Love Takes Me HigherInstrumental 30 Second Edit0:30
  • 035Love Takes Me HigherExtended Rap2:49
  • 036Detective StompInstrumental2:45
  • 037Detective Stomp60 Second Edit1:00
  • 038Detective StompInstrumental 60 Second Edit1:00
  • 039Detective Stomp30 Second Edit0:30
  • 040Easy BreezyInstrumental1:59
  • 041Easy Breezy60 Second Edit1:00
  • 042Easy BreezyInstrumental 60 Second Edit1:00
  • 043Easy Breezy30 Second Edit0:30
  • 044Easy BreezyInstrumental 30 Second Edit0:30
  • 045Toot The Horn60 Second Edit1:00
  • 046Toot The Horn30 Second Edit0:30




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