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Contender JW2312

A collection of tension builders and mood setters

JW Media Music JW2312

  • 001All Hands on DeckFull2:06
  • 002All Hands on DeckAlternative1:36
  • 003Baking BattleFull2:01
  • 004Baking BattleAlternative1:33
  • 005Cookoff CountdownFull2:07
  • 006Cookoff CountdownAlternative1:32
  • 007Dangerously CloseFull2:06
  • 008Dangerously CloseAlternative1:39
  • 009Every Second CountsFull1:50
  • 010Every Second CountsAlternative1:40
  • 011For Contestants OnlyFull2:19
  • 012For Contestants OnlyAlternative1:35
  • 013Get GoingFull2:21
  • 014Get GoingAlternative1:37
  • 015Heavy LiftingFull2:02
  • 016Heavy LiftingAlternative2:02
  • 017In The FinalsFull2:31
  • 018In The FinalsAlternative1:45
  • 019Just In The LeadFull2:05
  • 020Just In The LeadAlternative1:31




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