All Woman

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All Woman JW2293

Spanning genres and tearing down imbalances - a showcase of extraordinary female composition.

JW Media Music JW2293

  • 001Twist ItFull2:43
  • 002Twist ItInstrumental2:43
  • 003Lockt OffFull4:11
  • 004Lockt OffAlternative Version4:12
  • 005Do What I WantFull2:58
  • 006Do What I WantInstrumental2:58
  • 007Pursuit Of KnowledgeFull3:13
  • 008PersonalityFull2:10
  • 009PersonalityInstrumental2:11
  • 010Say SuttinFull2:56
  • 011Say SuttinAlternative Version2:55
  • 012It’s ComplicatedFull3:41
  • 013PapillonFull3:42
  • 014Step And RepeatFull2:36
  • 015What I NeedFull2:55
  • 016What I NeedInstrumental2:55




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