The Fish Factory

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The Fish Factory JW2292

Sexy, explosive, groovy, badass, blues rock with powerful male vocals.

JW Media Music JW2292

  • 001Trouble MakerFull2:42
  • 002Trouble MakerInstrumental2:39
  • 003Living It Rock N RollFull2:56
  • 004Living It Rock N RollInstrumental2:56
  • 005RubyFull4:07
  • 006RubyInstrumental4:07
  • 007Jenny Punk FunkFull2:09
  • 008MarsFull3:18
  • 009MarsInstrumental3:18
  • 010All I KnowFull2:55
  • 011All I KnowInstrumental2:55
  • 012Ocean ViewFull3:52
  • 013Ocean ViewInstrumental3:52
  • 014Midnight SunFull3:39
  • 015Midnight SunInstrumental3:39
  • 016ShakeFull2:30
  • 017Fast As FFull2:34




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