Real Ting

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Real Ting JW2285

Fresh, electronic, grime beats straight out of London.

JW Media Music JW2285

  • 001Real TingMain2:20
  • 002Real TingInstrumental2:20
  • 003Big BasslineMain2:28
  • 004RainMain2:14
  • 005On RoadMain2:47
  • 006On RoadInstrumental2:47
  • 007TonightMain2:04
  • 008TonightInstrumental2:04
  • 009No FakerMain2:21
  • 010No FakerInstrumental2:19
  • 011Boogie DownMain2:30
  • 012CountdownMain2:03
  • 013CountdownInstrumental2:00
  • 014In The NightMain2:09
  • 015In The NightInstrumental2:08
  • 016Wiggle ItMain2:05




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