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Christmas JW2264

A festive, choral collection of carols and hymns.

JW Media Music JW2264

  • 001O Little Town Of BethlehemFull Mix3:26
  • 002O Little Town Of BethlehemChoir Mix3:26
  • 003O Little Town Of BethlehemOrgan Mix3:26
  • 004Away In A MangerFull Mix2:45
  • 005Away In A MangerChoir Mix2:45
  • 006Away In A MangerOrgan Mix2:45
  • 007In The Bleak MidwinterFull Mix4:21
  • 008In The Bleak MidwinterChoir Mix3:59
  • 009In The Bleak MidwinterOrgan Mix4:21
  • 010Deck The HallsFull Mix1:41
  • 011Deck The HallsChoir Mix1:37
  • 012Deck The HallsOrgan Mix1:41
  • 013Good King WenceslasFull Mix3:14
  • 014Good King WenceslasChoir Mix3:02
  • 015Good King WenceslasOrgan Mix3:14
  • 016Hark The Herald Angels SingFull Mix3:34
  • 017Hark The Herald Angels SingChoir Mix3:07
  • 018Hark The Herald Angels SingOrgan Mix3:34
  • 019In Dulci JubiloFull Mix3:40
  • 020In Dulci JubiloChoir Mix3:40
  • 021In Dulci JubiloOrgan Mix3:40
  • 022Jesus Christ The Apple TreeFull Mix3:28
  • 023Jesus Christ The Apple TreeChoir Mix3:14
  • 024Jesus Christ The Apple TreeOrgan Mix3:28
  • 025Linden Tree CarolFull Mix2:46
  • 026Linden Tree CarolChoir Mix2:32
  • 027Linden Tree CarolOrgan Mix2:46
  • 028O TannenbaumFull Mix2:37
  • 029O TannenbaumChoir Mix2:20
  • 030O TannenbaumOrgan Mix2:37
  • 031O Come All Ye FaithfulFull Mix3:53
  • 032O Come All Ye FaithfulChoir Mix3:34
  • 033O Come All Ye FaithfulOrgan Mix3:53
  • 034O Holy NightFull Mix6:30
  • 035O Holy NightChoir Mix6:05
  • 036O Holy NightOrgan Mix6:30
  • 037Of A RoseFull Mix5:44
  • 038Once In Royal David's CityFull Mix4:09
  • 039Once In Royal David's CityChoir Mix4:09
  • 040Once In Royal David's CityOrgan Mix4:09
  • 041Stille NachtFull Mix4:13
  • 042Stille NachtChoir Mix3:58
  • 043Stille NachtOrgan Mix4:13
  • 044The Angel GabrielFull Mix2:19
  • 045This Endris NightFull Mix4:19
  • 046This Endris NightChoir Mix3:52
  • 047This Endris NightOrgan Mix4:19
  • 048Veni EmmanuelFull Mix4:30
  • 049Veni EmmanuelChoir Mix4:12
  • 050Veni EmmanuelOrgan Mix4:30
  • 051While Shepherds SleepFull Mix4:56
  • 052While Shepherds SleepChoir Mix4:37
  • 053While Shepherds SleepOrgan Mix4:56
  • 054Coventry CarolFull Mix3:17
  • 055O Little Town Of BethlehemCutdown0:27
  • 056O Little Town Of BethlehemChoir Mix - Cutdown0:27
  • 057O Little Town Of BethlehemOrgan Mix - Cutdown0:27
  • 058Away In A MangerCutdown0:23
  • 059Away In A MangerChoir Mix - Cutdown0:23
  • 060Away In A MangerOrgan Mix - Cutdown0:23
  • 061In The Bleak MidwinterCutdown0:25
  • 062In The Bleak MidwinterChoir Mix - Cutdown0:25
  • 063In The Bleak MidwinterOrgan Mix - Cutdown0:25
  • 064Hark The Herald Angels SingCutdown0:16
  • 065Hark The Herald Angels SingChoir Mix - Cutdown0:16
  • 066Hark The Herald Angels SingOrgan Mix - Cutdown0:16
  • 067In Dulci JubiloCutdown0:16
  • 068In Dulci JubiloChoir Mix - Cutdown0:15
  • 069In Dulci JubiloOrgan Mix - Cutdown0:16
  • 070Jesus Christ The Apple TreeCutdown0:23
  • 071Jesus Christ The Apple TreeChoir Mix - Cutdown0:08
  • 072Jesus Christ The Apple TreeOrgan Mix - Cutdown0:23
  • 073Linden Tree CarolCutdown0:44
  • 074Linden Tree CarolChoir Mix - Cutdown0:29
  • 075Linden Tree CarolOrgan Mix - Cutdown0:44
  • 076O Come All Ye FaithfulCutdown0:23
  • 077O Come All Ye FaithfulChoir Mix - Cutdown0:23
  • 078O Come All Ye FaithfulOrgan Mix - Cutdown0:23
  • 079Of A RoseCutdown0:28
  • 080Stille NachtCutdown0:30
  • 081Stille NachtChoir Mix - Cutdown0:30
  • 082Stille NachtOrgan Mix - Cutdown0:29
  • 083Veni EmmanuelCutdown0:19
  • 084Veni EmmanuelChoir Mix - Cutdown0:19
  • 085Veni EmmanuelOrgan Mix - Cutdown0:19




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