The Forgotten

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The Forgotten JW2255

A powerful orchestral score overlaid with emotive guitar textures.

JW Media Music JW2255

  • 001The Persistence Of MemoryMain3:19
  • 002The Spider And The FlyMain2:37
  • 003ExtinctionMain2:36
  • 004The ForgottenMain2:30
  • 005Under A Blood Red SkyMain2:27
  • 006Lion-HeartedMain2:33
  • 007Lost In RibbonsMain2:36
  • 008The ManMain2:34
  • 009PeninsulaMain2:35
  • 010MonologueMain3:16
  • 011The Persistence Of MemoryStrings Only3:19
  • 012The Spider And The Fly Strings Only2:32
  • 013ExtinctionStrings Only2:34
  • 014The ForgottenStrings Only2:30
  • 015Under A Blood Red SkyStrings Only2:27
  • 016Lion-HeartedStrings Only2:31
  • 017Lost In RibbonsStrings Only2:33
  • 018The ManStrings Only2:29
  • 019PeninsulaStrings Only2:25
  • 020MonologueStrings Only3:16




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