4am - Light To Dark Trap Style Beats

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4am - Light To Dark Trap Style Beats JW2249

An album with trap style beats featuring sensual chilled tracks and gritty tracks with heavy drops.

JW Media Music JW2249

  • 001DreamsMain3:22
  • 002This NightMain3:01
  • 003ElevenMain3:28
  • 004Space HeartMain3:21
  • 005Gold PannerMain3:20
  • 006Flashing LightsMain3:15
  • 007Pull It BackMain2:37
  • 008InsideMain2:44
  • 009Target PracticeMain2:42
  • 0104amMain2:58
  • 011DreamsInstrumental3:22
  • 012This NightInstrumental3:01
  • 013ElevenInstrumental3:28
  • 014Space HeartInstrumental3:21
  • 015Gold PannerInstrumental3:20
  • 016Flashing LightsInstrumental3:15
  • 017Pull It BackInstrumental2:37
  • 018InsideInstrumental2:44
  • 019Target PracticeInstrumental2:42
  • 0204amInstrumental2:58




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