Instapop 2 - Vocal Pop

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Instapop 2 - Vocal Pop JW2241

Contemporary pop vocal album, bright and breezy but with teen angst and heartache aplenty.

JW Media Music JW2241

  • 001AnimalMain1:49
  • 002HaloMain2:42
  • 003Got To KnowMain1:26
  • 004Come BackMain2:03
  • 005Sweet SympathyMain2:58
  • 006Getting To MeMain1:55
  • 007Meant To BeMain1:27
  • 008AnimalInstrumental1:49
  • 009HaloInstrumental2:42
  • 010Got To KnowInstrumental1:26
  • 011Come BackInstrumental2:03
  • 012Sweet SympathyInstrumental2:58
  • 013Getting To MeInstrumental1:55
  • 014Meant To BeInstrumental1:27




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