Dramatic Strings

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Dramatic Strings JW2235

A collection of dramatic strings tracks, ranging from tense to melancholic and from wistful to enlightening.

JW Media Music JW2235

  • 001A Love Worth Fighting ForMain2:39
  • 002Manor ServantsMain2:18
  • 003Thou Will Be FoundMain2:14
  • 004Touching LightMain1:33
  • 005Beautifully DeterminedMain1:54
  • 006Suspicions On The MoorsMain2:22
  • 007Carpe DiemMain2:00
  • 008The Better ManMain1:53
  • 009An English RoseMain2:34
  • 010Solemn PromisesMain2:00
  • 011A Love Worth Fighting ForUnderscore2:39
  • 012Manor ServantsUnderscore2:13
  • 013Touching LightUnderscore1:31
  • 014Beautifully DeterminedUnderscore1:53
  • 015Suspicions On The MoorsUnderscore2:13
  • 016Carpe DiemUnderscore1:59
  • 017An English RoseUnderscore2:29
  • 018Solemn PromisesUnderscore2:00




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