Popular Classics

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Popular Classics JW2231

Popular classical works performed by a string quartet.

JW Media Music JW2231

  • 001Air On The G StringMain2:12
  • 002AndantinoMain2:00
  • 003Arrival Of The Queen Of ShebaMain3:26
  • 004Ave MariaMain2:27
  • 005BarcarolleMain2:06
  • 006Bridal ChorusMain1:53
  • 007Bridal ChorusFast Version1:31
  • 008BrindisiMain1:22
  • 009Can CanMain1:44
  • 010CanonMain4:52
  • 011Dance Of The HoursMain1:23
  • 012Dance Of The Reed FlutesMain2:16
  • 013Flower DuetMain3:18
  • 014Jesu Joy Of Mans DesiringMain2:35
  • 015MeditationMain4:21
  • 016MinuetMain2:42
  • 017Mollie On The ShoreMain1:48
  • 018MorningMain2:16
  • 019Rondo Alla TurkaMain2:30
  • 020The Barber Of Seville OvertureMain2:37
  • 021Waltz Of The FlowersMain4:11
  • 022Wedding MarchMain2:48
  • 023Wedding MarchMain0:51




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