Blues Journey

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Blues Journey JW2230

Grand stylistics in all their variety in Ry Cooder-Style.

JW Media Music JW2230

  • 001Blues Harp AttackMain2:05
  • 002Roadhouse BrawlerMain2:15
  • 003Girl Done Left MeMain3:09
  • 004Prohibition BluesMain2:31
  • 005Resophonic ReelMain2:11
  • 006Melrose OutlawMain2:34
  • 007Southern StugglesMain2:39
  • 008Fuzz Rattle and BuzzMain2:05
  • 009Stacks of SoulMain2:11
  • 010Voodoo DollMain2:28
  • 011Prohibition Blues1930s Mix2:31
  • 012Resophonic Reel1930s Mix2:11
  • 013Southern Struggles1930s Mix2:39




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