The Simple Piano & String Collection

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The Simple Piano & String Collection JW2223

An album full of emotional moments and minimalist elements. Solo piano in intimate dialogue with strings. Nature, landscape, documentary.

JW Media Music JW2223

  • 001River Of LifeMain2:16
  • 002Dance Of DamselsMain2:39
  • 003Sunshine OverheadMain2:25
  • 004Growing Into HappinessMain1:35
  • 005Cherry BlossomMain2:09
  • 006GiocosoMain1:23
  • 007Behind The WaterfallMain2:11
  • 008A Cellists HeartacheMain1:59
  • 009Searching For The Lost LoveMain1:16
  • 010Clair De LuneMain4:22
  • 011The Kings CourtMain1:21
  • 012Daydreaming In The RainMain1:26
  • 013A Playful DancerMain1:56
  • 014Sarabande Solo Suite No.1 In G MajorMain1:28
  • 015AfterthoughtMain1:17




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