Wallpaper And Teacups

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Wallpaper And Teacups JW2214

The day awakens! Bright, friendly colours, simple melodies with mostly acoustic instruments convey lightness and a positive attitude to life. Leisure, garden, spring, summer, family, landscape, reportage.

JW Media Music JW2214

  • 001Acoustic RefractionMain2:16
  • 002Cheeky SneakyMain1:35
  • 003Summer RainMain2:46
  • 004Grand LivingMain2:26
  • 005An Architects LifeMain3:02
  • 006Building A DreamMain2:28
  • 007Greener PasturesMain1:53
  • 008Paradise GardensMain2:07
  • 009Spring BloomsMain2:44
  • 010Silver LiningMain2:32




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