Rise From the Ashes

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Rise From the Ashes JW2213

Grand film score music in the style of Lord Of The Rings, Gladiator, Pirates Of The Carribean and Batman. Also suitable for documentaries, adventure, TV drama, trailers, magazines, news coverage etc.

JW Media Music JW2213

  • 001Beyond The HorizonMain2:18
  • 002Beyond The HorizonNo Choir2:18
  • 003We Stand As OneMain2:11
  • 004We Stand As OneNo Choir2:11
  • 005Rise From The AshesMain2:10
  • 006Rise From The AshesNo Choir2:10
  • 007ImmortalityMain2:10
  • 008ImmortalityNo Choir2:10
  • 009ImmortalityPercussion Only2:11
  • 010Guardians Of The CitadelMain2:03
  • 011Guardians Of The CitadelNo Choir2:03
  • 012Guardians Of The CitadelPercussion Only2:02
  • 013Find Your CourageMain2:07
  • 014Find Your CourageNo Choir2:07
  • 015RetributionMain2:18
  • 016RetributionNo Choir2:18
  • 017SupernovaMain1:46
  • 018SupernovaNo Choir1:46
  • 019Judgement DayMain1:39
  • 020Judgement DayNo Choir1:38
  • 021Forces UnleashedMain2:01
  • 022Forces UnleashedNo Choir2:01




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