Travels in Euro Folk

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Travels in Euro Folk JW2212

A leisurely stroll from Eastern to Western Europe and back! Episodes with much joy, echoes of folk with a dash of improvisation. Documentation, holidays, travel, landscape, folklore.

JW Media Music JW2212

  • 001A Rock Doves PlightMain1:49
  • 002Bittersweet Love StoryMain1:56
  • 003Flight Of The SeagullMain1:38
  • 004Romany TravellerMain1:51
  • 005Music For LoversMain2:28
  • 006Postcard From BudapestMain1:52
  • 007Balkan Folk SongMain2:04
  • 008Take Me To ParisMain1:53
  • 009Lost In WaltzMain2:29
  • 010Bohemia Is Calling MeMain1:38
  • 011Bittersweet Love StoryAlternative Version1:58




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